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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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what was discussed today in a special session we have a live update from carson city on progress made today. the suspects involved in terrifying home invasions are now behind bars. how police were able to catch up to them. the r-j's mystery the r-j's mystery buyer is revealed. how the secretive sale was a family and political matter. we're starting tonight with some breaking news. metro police are investigating a deadly shooting at a medical office. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. police say this started off as a robbery. you're taking a live look at the scene now. this happened near charleston and rancho at seven-15. metro says a man and woman robbed a medical office at gunpoint, where a physician, patient, and worker were inside. they were looking for money and possibly drugs.
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the face, then took off. "we received information an employee followed the two out and engaged the suspects while they exited the building. metro says the suspect fired several shots at the woman. the female suspect was rushed to umc where she later died. police say the physician was also taken to the should be okay. police are still looking for the man involved, and say he was wearing a ski mask. we will continue to follow this story and bring you more information tomorrow on fox5 news this morning, dot com. brian sandoval called for a special session to deal with electric car maker faraday future. the sessions have adjourned tonight, and nevada lawmakers
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homework. fox5s miguel martinez valle joins us now from carson city. the senate bill for the faraday future deal has just been presented to the senate session ... the bill deals with tax abatements a few hours ago the assembly was given their bill to look over which deals more with workforce programs ... after hours of anticipation and months of negotiations bills involving the deal with faraday future have been handed to law makers, now its their turn to look them over and see if they feel this is the right deal for nevada... assembly bill 1, was presented to the assembly around 7:30 pm. it deals with higher education programs preparing people for the jobs created by faraday and also requires workforce training programs to have a diversity
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the improvements to infrastructure around apex industrial park have many law makers excited for rural areas around apex like moapa valley, the updates include water and electricity for the park, something that could not only lead to more business in the area, but also more housing for people working out there... the faraday project and its 85 billion dollar projected impact over a0 year span has many excited, once the session reconvene it will be time to hammer out the details of the bill and find a package that works best for the state... the sessions will reconvene
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morning ... lawmakers are being told not not to book their tickets home until friday afternoon . lawmakers are expecting to be in session until friday afternoon. a man was stabbed to death at an apartment complex... and police say squatters may have been the suspects. authorities say just after 12 this afternoon they responded to a call about a fight... at the complex on harmon and boulder highway. when they arrived they found a man dead with a stab wound to the chest. police say the victim and the suspects were squatters and did not live at the apartment... and add a search is underway for those responsible. "a black male theyre saying 25-30 he was wearing a red and white striped hat and red pants which is kind of distinctive with a platinum blonde
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around here on foot are pretty sure theyre going to stick out' police are asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers... at 702- 385-5555. we're learning more details about a clark county school district custodian, who was arrested monday. school police say michael skelton is facing charges of willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water or medicine, and open and gross lewdness. they told us it happened at dondero elementary school. in his arrest report, police say a teacher found bodily fluids on her desk and belongings, including food and medicine. police say he was seen on surveillance video in her classroom... and he later admitted to performing private sex acts in the room. his first court appearance is tomorrow. three men indicted on 46 felony charges involving home invasion and sexual assault. police say the suspects broke into several homes in the southwest part of the valley. fox five's rachel moore is live from metro headquarters
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case was so unusual. these home invasions happened over a five-week span august. and police say mostly senior citizens -- and at least one of those home invasions assault. at home, with your making dinner, and all of a sudden the door to your house gets broken in. that was the chilling reality for several southwest valley homeowners this summer. police say 42-year-old wilbert knight, 28-year-old brandon black, and 23-year-old quincy williams were indicted for multiple home invasion charges. around late july, early august, in the early evening hours, police say they broke into homes, sometimes masked. they used zipties to restrain their victims, seriously beat them with handguns and revolvers. these aren't easy cases to solve, because the crimes generally occur quickly, and a lot of times, phsyical evidence is not left behind.
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able to gather clues from the scene, and after collecting dna evidence, metro identified the suspects by the end of august. the other thing that helped out, and is always a help for everybody in the community is sometimes we have neighbors that are keeping an eye on the neighborhood and they see something that just doesn't look right, and that gets reported to the police. two of the suspects are being held in federal custody because of previous felony convictions. back in 2006, black was convicted of felonies involving carjackings, and in 2012 he was convicted of felony for being in posession of explosives. and williams was convicted of robbery and escaping police custody in 1992. but district attorney steve wolfson says these current charges are brought against them for committing some of the worst if my office has anything to do with it, and it does, they will not see the day of light, or the should say, for a long, long time. police say that unusal and disturbing about this case was that there was no connection between the men
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and all of the victims were chosen at random. rachel moore -- local -- las vegas. all of the first-degree kidnapping charges. men could face life in prison. a downtown damaged by flames and thick heavy smoke early this morning. "shortly after we got here, a corner of the roof caved second alarm, which brought in pieces of equipment with 50 firefighters to the scene. " a passerby saw smoke coming from the building around five-30, on 13th and carson. it took firefighters less than 30 minutes to get the blaze under control. las vegas fire and rescue says the building is a small laundry service, but it was vacant at the time. damage is estimated at 250 thousand dollars. rumors of who bought the review journal - finally laid to rest by the review journal itself. tonight an article they published confirms a family
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behalf of sheldon adelson - ending the week-long mystery which even their own reporters protested against. fox 5's ophelia young spoke with a fortune reporter who cracked the code earlier today. fortune was sure the mysterious buyer was sheldon adelson hours before the review journal came out with it. but even in the rj's story - it seems they are trusting information from a source unnamed - we don't know if they've gotten confirmation from the adelson family. the biggest question still unanswered - why the big secret? "this has been a very secretive purchase not just with the owner not being announced internallyits a news paper but even the structure itself. this llc structure." news plus media capital group llc was the generic name given when asked who bought the review journal. but you plug them into the internet - not much comes up. who are they? "it has to be a little big unsettling who signing your paychecks." wednesday - the rj
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citing sources who confirm - the driving force is sheldon adelson. but even the day before - a cnn money reporter says adelson repeated denied the transaction - saying he had quote "no personal interest." "i think thats being clever and being a little too clever." according to rj - the deal was arranged by adelson's son in law - patrick dumont, an attorney from new york. the rj reporter believes dumont helped create the llc which last week bought the rj and its sister publications. still - nobody understands the furtiveness- which even prompted congresswoman dina titus to the floor. "why would you want this to be a secret i ve heard some speculation that they didnt want to come out with it after a certain date or after a certain event i dont knwo if its true or not but it just doesnt make any sense." both titus and
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editors and reporters who took to social media and even their own website with the irony - why a company whose main value should be transparency - cant be transparent themselves. "there is value in knowing the intentions behind why certain things are being covered and why certain things arent being covered certain in an editorial page youre in a swing state in a presidential year." we weren't able to reach anyone family to confirm for ourselves. we have left messages for them and will why they were so discrete about the purchase. live in the newsroom ophelia young fox 5 news local las vegas. the review journal is the largest newspaper publication in nevada. 1 hundred and 40 million dollars. presidential candidates from last night's spent another day in las vegas, reaching out to nevada voters. carly fiorina met with supporters
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becomes president, she would repeal obamacare and fix the immigration system. she also wants to replace the current tax code with a three page plan that would help small businesses. sot fiorina as a chief executive of a 90 billion dollar firm i could handle all that complexity because all i had to do was hire armies of accounts and lawyers and lobbyists to make that complexicty work for me, or the 9 person reality firm... they cant.. nats 12:19 rand paul you want business in america, attract biz to las vegas you have to have tax rates that are compettive. senator rand paul also brought up his tax code plans, during a luncheon at caesars palace. he spoke to the economic club of las vegas, a non- partisan group. tomorrow, ted cruz will hold a rally at the sienna community center. tickets are sold out. it's unlv verses arizona state tonight. fox5's kevin bolinger is up next
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thomas and mack. closed captioning will resume shortly and the changes coming to aria... that will result in a show closing. 24/7 forecast is
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rebels... taking on arizona state tonight... back for the first time in two and a half weeks. fox5's kevin bolinger joins us
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the thomas and mack with highlights.... closed captioning will resume closed captioning will resume
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will resume closed captioning will resume closed captioning will resume now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty another freezing night for some as our overnight
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cloudy skies for thursday with a high of 51. friday we'll start in the upper 30s with an afternoon high of 57. we'll stay close to 60 degrees for the weekend with afternoon southwest gusts to 25 mph saturday, then northwest gusts to 25 mph on sunday. our average high is 56. another freezing night for some as our overnight low drops to 32 degrees. partly
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high of 51. friday we'll start in the upper 30s with an afternoon high of 57. we'll stay close to 60 degrees for the weekend with afternoon southwest gusts to 25 mph saturday, then northwest gusts to 25 mph on sunday. our average high is 56. closed captioning will resume shortly aria resort and casino is saying
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show... to make closed captioning will resume shortly
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aria resort and casino is saying goodbye to its cirque du soleil show... to make more room for its convention center. workers will add about 200 thousand square feet of meeting space to the aria's convention center. the project will start in may 2016, and is expected to be done february 2018... and cost 154 million dollars. aria's president bobby baldwin says convention demand is exceeding the current space available. the new space will take up the
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"zarkana"... which will close this coming april. dozens of ipads stolen from a local elementary school. and police are blaming a school employee for the theft. how they believe the suspect's brother is
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more than 15 thousand dollars worth of ipads were stolen from jesse scott elementary school. and police say it was a staff member that took the equipment used by students. school police say information technology employee "gordon goujon" was in charge of transferring 40 ipads to another school. but the tablets never got there. police searched a pawn data base for stolen devices, and found three of the missing ipads. they connected goujon's brother, pierre goujon, to the transaction. "due to the fact that he was in the care and control of 40 ipads he worked for i.t. for the school district we were able to charge him with the theft of all 40 " police say pierre goujon admitted to selling the ipads, but claims he had no idea they were stolen. gordon goujon told police he thought he was giving them to another district employee. nevada lawmakers are setting aside more than three million dollars... to test 75 hundred sexual assault kits that have been sitting in police vaults
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"19:49- it's very it's very important for our victims, and of course its important for our families and our state. we need to get these people prosecuted and we need to get them off the streets (55). " " nevada attorney general adam laxalt says in other states, ten percent of tests showed one suspect was responsible for multiple attacks. forensic experts hope to have all of the kits tested by 2020. star wars fans are having a hard time containing their excitement for tomorrow! what some are doing to pass the hours until the movie starts... and the records it's
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